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Video: “Turkey Celebrates the Conquest of Constantinople”

In the following, Kara McKinney of OANN’s Tipping Point recently interviewed on my recent article on how Turkey seeks to “bury” the “current Byzantines.”

Thank you, Tony, from Canada, for your shout-out for Tamara Lich. Many of us here, despite what we have experienced already vis-a-vis the government’s reactions to the Freedom Convoy, cannot believe what we are seeing in the unjustified persecution of Tamara. We are about to select a new leader of the opposition Conservative Party of Canada, who will hopefully gather enough support to drive the socialist Trudeau government out of office at the earliest opportunity. I have added SHS to my list of go-to news services, which include our own Rebel News and True North. The traditional corporate media sources have all been bought off, have ‘drunk the government Kool-aid, and act only as a mouthpiece for the government, at the taxpayers’ expense. And once again, this past weekend there were pro-freedom convoys and demonstrations in parts of Canada in support of the Dutch farmers. Coverage by the ‘legacy media’? Almost nil! Ken Burns, Alliston, Ontario, Canada.

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